Pallets Bar

Why not up grade your home decor and add a bit of luxury to your home by turning an old wooden pallet into a stylish pallet bar. Take a look below and see what how good a pallet bar can ... read more

Pallets Bed

Awesome creative ideas to present your home with a stunning look with free wooden pallets. You can save loads of cash and make furniture such as a pallet bed from discarded pallets. A pallet bed might not sound the comfiest but check out the pallet beds below, ... read more

Pallet Furniture

Pallet furniture is a great option, especially if you like a bit of DIY. Indoor or outdoor furniture can be created using wooden pallets. As well as being great value, one of the best things about pallet furniture is that you can build your own furniture that ... read more

Pallets Shelves

Decorate your house like never before by changing old pallets into cool looking pallet shelves. There's a wide range of pallet recycling creative ideas available , with shelving being just one of ... read more

Pallets Tv Stand

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